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League Rulings:

Season Date Ruling Description


2011/12 12/6/2011 Nima violated the in-season cap.  He was assessed a $5 cap penalty. Start of Preseason 2012
2010/11 12/3/2010 Chiachi violated the in-season $180 salary cap via a player transaction that raised his salary to $184.  The violation was not noticed until 3 days after, during which the newly acquired player on Chiachi's team (which put him over the cap) did play 1 game. 

The commissioner reversed the last transaction performed by Chiachi, bringing Chiachi's team salary back to $180.  After 2 days of deliberation (consulting the constitution) the commissioner assessed a penalty to Chiachi in accordance with rule 5.5.III in version 1.1.9 of the constitution.  Chiachi's current-year in-season salary cap was reduced to $175 and his off-season cap was lowered to $145 (a penalty of $5 off each cap).

Since after being assessed the penalty, Chiachi's team salary was again over the cap (salary was $180 but the penalty lowered his cap to $175) Chiachi was given 2 days to make the necessary roster changes to bring his team salary into compliance with his new cap.  He did so by dropping a player.  No further action was taken.

Start of Preseason 2011